Makeup course

Professional make-up is a fun and interesting training, which is becoming more and more popular day by day, in which special techniques, unlike classic make-up, are included in the course. Today, TV and stage make-up, theater make-up, podium make-up, fantastic make-up are among the techniques that are shaped according to the imagination of the make-up artist.

Our trainees will be given a Professional Make-up Expertise Certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education, which they can use as a Workplace Opening Certificate.

 - Hygiene education
 - Face Anatomy
 - Color and Light Information
 - Makeup Products And Brushes
 - Natural Makeup
 - Night Makeup
 - Daytime Makeup
 - Bridal Makeup
 - Costume Makeup
 - Halloween Makeup
 - General Replay Applications

 * Application with Models 2,5 Months 8 Lessons

Last Registration: 17 August 2020
Education Price: KK Installment 2750 ₺ - Cash 2500 ₺

Makeup course