Permanent Makeup Expertise Training - Announcements

Permanent Makeup course

Permanent Makeup training is a training that all beauticians should take. The trainings are given by successful, professional experts. With both theoretical and practical lessons, we provide our trainees with one-to-one tutorial and tutorial private lessons.

Our trainees will be given a "Permanent Make-up Expertise Certificate", which they can use as a Ministry of National Education Approved Business Opening Certificate.

  - Theory
  - Golden Ratio
  - Hygiene
  - Customer relationship
  - Bristle Technique (6 Different Designs)
  - Powdering Technique
  - Lip Coloring
  - Eyeliner / Dipliner
  - Erase Eyebrow

  * Charcoal Study
  * Latex Artificial Leather Study
  * Working in Live Model
  * Device Gift

   Last Registration: September 1, 2020
Education Price: KK Installment 7000 ₺ - Cash 6600 ₺

Permanent Makeup course