Beauty Specialist course

Beauty and aesthetics are among the professions that will not take place for mistakes. In this sense, the content and quality of the training you will receive is extremely important. As Yakut Academy, we enable you to show your difference in the sector with the certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education, in order to complete your talent not only with talent but with a professional education.

Our trainees will be given a "Beauty Specialization Certificate", which can be used as a Certificate of Establishment Approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Our trainees will be given a "Beauty Specialization Certificate" approved by the Ministry of National Education, which they can use as a Business Opening Certificate. You can have all the equipment related to the profession with the perfect education you receive from our expert trainers.

1- Introduction to Beauty Expertise
-Who is a Beauty Expert? How to Behave What should he know?
  - Definition of Beauty and Aesthetics
- Course Description, Scope, Objectives of the Trainee

2- Hygiene
- Personal Hygiene
- Hygiene of Tools and Equipment Used
- Customer Hygiene
- Environmental Cleaning

3 - Anatomy and Physiology
- Definition of Cell, Body and Tissues
- Circulation, Excretory System
- Respiratory, Secretion System
- Musculoskeletal System
- Definition, Functions and Role of Skin
- Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

4 - Nutrition
- Nutrition and Health

5 - Cosmetics
6 - Tools
7 - Hair Removal
- What is Epilation?
- Laser Hair Removal
- Needle Hair Removal
- What is Depilation?

8 - Eyebrow Shaping
- Golden Ratio Design
- Use of Tweezers, Rope, Razor

9 - Silk Lash
10 - Eyelash Lifting
11 - Dermapen, Dermaroller
12 - Chemical Peeling
13 - Hydrafacial
14 - Regional Thinning Applications
- G5
- Passive
15 - Basic Makeup
16 - Massage Applications
17 - Skin Diagnosis Exercises
18 - Massage Exercises
19 - Topic Repetition

Last Registration: September 14, 2020
Education Price: 6.500 ₺

Beauty Specialist course