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Open Water Diver

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Open Water course is divided into 3 sections: academic education, shallow water education and offshore education.
Academic education includes the basic principles you need to know for safe and enjoyable diving with books, videos and lectures. The theoretical part of the training is completed with an exam aimed at reinforcing what you have learned.
Shallow water training can be done in any place that can adapt to the pool or pool conditions. The basic skills of diving are taught and practiced by the student. Shallow water training, consisting of 5 parts, is also supported by theoretical training.
Open sea diving allows you to apply what you have learned in knowledge and skill development training in real diving environments. You will have 4 scuba diving within this training.

Who can attend?

It is a program that anyone who is over the age of 14 and who does not have a serious health problem can participate. You can get Junior Open WaterDiver certificate until the age of 15 and Open WaterDiver over the age of 15. The program of both certificates is the same.

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