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Adwords, one of the most important tools for internet marketing for companies, will become a tool that grows your business with its easy to use, budget-oriented and effective returns with Google Adwords Training program.
To take part as SEM manager / expert in companies or agencies, to work in agencies serving in this field, to continue your career in this direction; Basic Google Adwords Program is for you!

What's in the Education Concept?
Updated new educational content,
New AdWords interface,
Case studies,
Sample questions for the Google Partners certification exam.

What are the required preliminary information?
In order to participate in Google AdWords Training, you must have basic computer knowledge. The training is open to all participants.
Who should participate in Google AdWords training?
Business owners
Businesses marketing / advertising and related department managers
Those who want to start their own business
Who wants to be a SEM manager in a company,
Wants to work in a digital agency
People who want to improve their career in digital space
Purpose of Google AdWords Training
How to find the web page of your business on Google searches, how to use the Google Adwords program as an advertising tool in the most appropriate way to your budget.
Participants will be trained in finding the key search words for the business concerned and discovering in which words the most effective returns can be captured.
This training participant, What Qatar?
With the Google Adwords Training Program, Google advertising is handled extensively, and how to create, manage and optimize an AdWords campaign will be passed on to the participants.
According to the analyzes developed by Google reporting systems, the participant who can make critical decisions such as which advertising actions should be preferred will be able to create the traffic source that will be needed by all big or small enterprises.
You will have the chance to become a rare SEM expert on the market.
You will have the necessary information and equipment to manage the campaigns individually.

What is included in the training price?
Promotion and Discounts
24/7 Free Phone / Email Support
Training materials
Theoretical and practical training in the field of Expert Trainers

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