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In Yakut Academy; You work with designer instructors who have a high degree of competence in academic design and design programs in Graphic Design.

You can learn programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. The samples selected during the training are determined specifically for your area of ​​interest and your target. You can learn the tips of graphic design with personal computers from experts.

Program details that you will learn in the basic level of education;
Adobe Photoshop
* Photoshop Interface
* Using Menus
* Using Panels
* Create Document
* Basics of Digital Image
* CameraRAW Basics
* Framing
* Working with Layers
* Transform Options
* Working with Smart Objects
* Working with Layer Masks
* Selection of Pughs
* Retouch Techniques
* Photoshop Shortcuts and Hints
* Specific Target-to-End Applications

Adobe Illustrator
* Illustrator Interface
* Menu / Panel / Vehicle Usage
* Working with vectors
* Selection Tools
* Using the Workspace
* Layers
* Transform Options
* Drawing Tools
* Shapes
* Character Panel
* Working with Colors
* Illustrator Shortcuts and Tips
* Specific Target-to-End Applications

Adobe Indesign
* Indesign Interface
* Area-Oriented Menu / Panel / Vehicle Use
* Working with Pages
* Master Pages
* Character / Paragraph Styles
* Text Wrap
* Working with Images
* Printing and Export Options
* Indesign Shortcuts and Tips
* A Magazine Design Application from the Beginning

Advanced Photoshop
Photo Manipulation, Fashion, Web, Graphics, Photography, Architectural Visualization, Video Content Preparation, such as many other specific areas of industry-specific content is prepared practical training.

Advanced Illustrator
Fashion, Web, Graphics, Photography, Architecture / Interior Architecture, video content preparation for many other specific areas of industry-specific content is prepared for practical training.

Advanced Adobe Indesign
Graphic, personalized, practical training for many sectors such as Digital Publishing.

NOTE: Advanced courses are tailor-made and can be programmed on demand.

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Graphic Design Trainings