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The competition, which intensifies with changing management techniques and production processes, differentiates the management approach in enterprises and makes human resource management a strategic element of business management. The human factor, which is able to produce and use information, and thus emphasizes the infinity of value added, reveals the strategic direction of human resources management. Briefly, transforming the individual and corporate learning process into a permanent competitive advantage has been an indispensable priority of human resources management. At this point, we aim to achieve this training; It is the training of qualified human resources specialists that the institutions need.

Education Topics:
Human resources specialist training; It has been formed by combining the most important 6 education related to human resources profession. These trainings consist of the following topics;

* Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management
* Business analysis and job descriptions
* Selection Placement
* Performance Evaluation Management
* Wage Management
* Career Management

Who should receive this E-Training?
* Human resources managers, human resources employees
* Personnel managers and personnel affairs officers
* People who want to give direction in the field of human resources
* Managers who want to manage their teams more successfully
* People who want to improve themselves
* Those who are interested in the field of human resources

Course Info

  • Time: 3 Week
  • Total: 80 Hour
  • Certificate: Certificate Of Participation
  • Category: Personal Evolution
  • Course Price:

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Human Resources Training