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One of the biggest problems of today's women is the time they spend doing makeup. In order to eliminate a number of asymmetries on the face and to save time in the daily routine of make-up, many women are now turning to permanent make-up and microblading.

Microblading is the technique of injecting special microblading needles into the epidermis, which is the top layer of vegetable and water based paints. According to the average type of skin, 4 months to 1 year permanence of women who want to take this process should be considered the biggest point should be the expert knowledge and skills of the practitioner.

Since we believe that a microblading specialist should be equipped to respond immediately to any questions and information requests from his / her environment, theoretical courses are given priority in our course. After the lecture, the students will start to work on artificial leather and then apply on the live candidate. With our professional instructors, you will be more confident in the field of microblading.

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  • Time: 3 Day
  • Total: 16 Hour
  • Certificate: Certificate Of Participation
  • Category: Beauty

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