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Cookery Course (2018)

Professional Cookery Training

Course Details

Cooking is an art. The kitchens are also workshops where these arts are performed. In the kitchen of every successful restaurant, there is a successful chef's touches. Even though cookery is a talent job, training is necessary to learn the rules of the kitchen.

International culinary training is provided in our cookery training.

This training aims to benefit people who work in the field of cookery or who want to make a career.

       Culinary Academy is a private education institution affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. At the end of the training, a Certificate of Completion is issued within the scope of vocational qualifications valid in the national and international public institutions and organizations approved by the Ministry of National Education. The graduates of the Gastronomy departments of the kitchen academy within the special Yakut Vocational Training Center, are trained by the trainers who have sectoral experience in the field of food and beverage production, and our professional cookery trainings are provided in the kitchen kitchen workshop with personalized equipment. Vocational training is given as theoretical and practical. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to do internship in corporate enterprises at the end of our trainings.

Training Period: 4 months Education + 4 months internship

 13 MAY 2019 - 17 JUNE 2019
* Free accommodation is provided for our trainee *

Age of Education

18 - 40 Years (Internship)
Over 40 years (Without Internship)

Course Info

  • Time: 4 Moon
  • Total: 1020 Hour
  • Certificate: Meb
  • Category: Kitchen
  • Course Price:
    22.500 20.500

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