Cooking Hobby Kitchen 2018

Cookery (Hobby Kitchen)

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While you will become the favorite chef of your home and your guests, you will also take the first step to professionalism. Hobby With the basic cookery education in the kitchen for 8 weeks from the expert chefs to answer all the questions you wonder about the kitchen, knife and cutting techniques starting from the step by step you will specialize in your own kitchen. Discover your kitchen at the Yakut Kitchen Academy to bring a different perspective to your kitchen once a week and to have a pleasant moment.

During the training, participants will work as a single person in their own station in the kitchen for 12 people.
All participants will be given a apron set to be used in education.
Prescription recipes will be given about the course content.
At the end of the training, participants will be given a special participation certificate signed by our instructor.

Blade use and chopping techniques
Mise an place preparation / Soup and Sauces
Chicken and cooking techniques
Meat varieties and cooking techniques
in 4.WEEK
Seafood preparation and cooking techniques
in 5.WEEK
Fresh pasta and sauce preparation techniques
Pilaf and cooking techniques
Making Risotto
Preparation of appetizers and olive oil
in 8.WEEK
Special selections from world cuisine

Course Info

  • Time: 2 Moon
  • Total: 40 Hour
  • Certificate: Certificate Of Participation
  • Category: Kitchen
  • Course Price:
    2.750 2.500

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Cooking Hobby Kitchen 2018