Yacht Cuisine Cooking Training

Yacht Cuisine Training

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When traveling in the sea, we are trying to cater to the expectant palates, to be more creative, to create more various menus and to give you a certain experience and perspective in this direction.

The instructor chefs who have experience in the kitchen of the Yakut Kitchen Academy will guide you through the ve Yacht Cuisine Cookery Training ında and tell you the tricks of being able to differentiate with the new and varied tastes in the boat kitchen. Diversify your recipes with the opportunities available; different cooking, storage and preservation techniques, more than 70 recipes, one-on-one practical and demo narrative will be able to develop your own prescriptions.

You can easily enjoy the delicacies from the menus of the best restaurants in the boat kitchen.

Course Info

  • Time: 3 Week
  • Total: 100 Hour
  • Certificate: Meb
  • Category: Kitchen

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Yacht Cuisine Cooking Training