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Service Staff (Waiter)

Course Details

It is a qualified person who provides service and drinks in places where food and beverage services are provided. The aim of the training program is to provide service providers working in the market or to work in this field and to ensure that they are trained in international standards and have certificates.

Service Officer Training What are the topics?
* Personal care
* Table Top Service Sets
* Tablecloths and napkins
* Kuver opening
* Transport and collection
* Guest acceptance and send-off
* Service in modern style
* Bar food and service
* Carbonated drinks service
* Fruit juices and service
* Tea preparation and service
* Coffee preparation and service

Where Do Service Officers Work?
Trainees completing the program;
* In food and beverage units of accommodation establishments,
* In bakeries,
* In institutional kitchens,
* Cafes, bars and restaurants,
* Food factories,
* In food and beverage units of transportation vehicles,
* Fair / congress, bus / train, airway ground services and aircraft etc. can work in places.

How long does a Service Officer Course last?
The total duration of the program is 288 hours.

Who Can Attend a Service Staff Course?
There is no age standard for the waiter course. Anyone who is literate and who has physical and mental characteristics that can meet the requirements of this profession can be educated.

Course Info

  • Time: 3 Moon
  • Total: 192 Hour
  • Certificate: Meb
  • Category: Tourism
  • Course Price:

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