Lifeguard (Silver)

Lifeguard (Silver)

Course Details

Conditions for Participation in Silver Lifeguard Training and Detailed Information
* Silver Lifeguard Training is the second level of Lifeguard Training.
* Silver Lifeguard Training is carried out for a total of 21 hours at least 3 days. Bronze + Silver Lifeguard Training can be done at least 5 days and 35 hours in case of continuation of bronze lifeguard training.

To participate in this training;
* To have Bronze Life Saver Certificate,
* To be at least 18 years old,
* Good degree swimming,
* To be at least primary school / elementary school graduate
* To complete the health notification form that will be given at the beginning of the course,
* It is necessary to be successful in the water skills to be done at the beginning of the course.

Silver Lifeguard Course Contents
The trainings are divided into two types: classroom and water studies.

In Classroom Work;
* Bronze Lifeguard Training Review
* Lifeguard Stations and Supplies at Sea
* Pressure Volume Relations
* Injuries and First Aid

Water Works;
* Sea Swimming Techniques
* Shipwreck transport in the sea, water extraction techniques and practices
* Use of Rescue Equipment at Sea
* Training is given on diving techniques.

Our center; Turkey Underwater Sports Federation lifeguard course of bronze, silver and rescue course, gold lifeguard course, all lifeguard training lifeguard certificate renewal, supply of certified lifeguard, lifeguard material supply is made. For any requests and questions, please contact us via the communication tab

Where Can We Work with Silver Life Saver?

The trainees who are successful at the end of the training can also work at the shores of the sea, lake and natural and artificial inland waters, as well as in the hotels with swimming pools, sports facility pools, aqua parks and similar pools with Silver Life Saver Certificate.

Validity Period of Silver Life Saving Document

Silver Life Saving Certificate is valid for 2 years. Lifeguards whose documents have expired can renew their documents within 6 months from the date of the certificate validity period by participating in compliance training. The lifeguard who participates in the integration training is given a written pre-test by an authorized lifeguard training institution and organization. The missing information determined at the end of the exam is given by the trainer. Then a second exam is applied and the trainee is considered to have received the trainee compliance training. The duration of the integration training is determined by the instructor.

Lifesavers who do not renew their certificate within 6 months after the expiry date of the certificate should participate in the Silver Lifeguard Training again in order to be able to re-use their certificates.

Silver Lifeguards do not need to replace the Bronze Life Saver Documents as the silver lifeguard certificate covers the bronze lifeguard certificate.

Legal Obligations for Silver Life Saving
Lifeguards on the shores of sea, lake, natural and artificial inland waters
* Turkey Underwater Sports Federation "Lifesaving Instructions"
* "Law on Encouragement of Tourism No. 2634",
* "Regulation on Maritime Tourism published in Official Gazette No. 27298 dated July 24, 2009",
* Sayılı Regulation on Tourism and Sportive Activities which was published in the Official Gazette No. 27855 dated 23 February 2011 *,
* "Regulation on instrument dives to be performed for sportive purposes in Turkish territorial waters no. 20450 dated 03 March 1990",
* "Circular of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of 23 May 2005 on 210101704-2005 / 1 and" Safety Rules Related to Underwater Sports "
* "Provincial Administration Law No. 5442",
* "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the General Directorate of Provincial Administration on February 24, 2009, B050iLi0070002.440.449 / 1678 numbered and" Cankurtaran Bulundüzması "article"
* Also "Blue Flag Criteria" are mandatory in Blue Flag Beaches.

If you think that the facility you are visiting or the beach is not running the ın Lifeguards certified TSSF Ziyaret, you can make a complaint by writing to Bimer or by calling sertifik Alo 158 alı Coast Guard. This complaint; maybe one day will save you or someone else's life.

Course Info

  • Time: 5 Day
  • Total: 40 Hour
  • Certificate: TSSF
  • Category: Tourism
  • Course Price:

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Lifeguard (Silver)