Housekeeping Staff Training

Housekeeping Staff

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Within the standards set by a business, housekeepers who are responsible for the hygiene, the sanitation, arrangement and decoration of the rooms, the canal areas, the health and sports grounds and the laundry outside the rooms are called housekeeping staff.

The housekeeper is called the Housekeeping Chief. The primary responsibility is customer satisfaction.

Trainings that will be provided free of charge to the trainees who come to the housekeeping department.
* Vocational Foreign Language Education (MONE. Certified Document)
* Basic First Aid Training (MONE. Certified Document)
* Compulsory Hygiene Training (MONE. Certified Document)
* Computer Management Course (MEB. Certified Document)
* Training of trainers
* Sign language
* Time management (Certificate of Attendance)
* Communication with different cultures (Certificate of Participation)
* Team Work (Certificate of Participation)

Course Info

  • Time: 3 Moon
  • Total: 536 Hour
  • Certificate: Meb
  • Category: Tourism
  • Course Price:

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Housekeeping Staff Training