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Yakut Vocational Training Center Kitchen Academy Within the body of the graduates of the Gastronomy and Cookery departments of the universities specialized in the field at the same time at least 15 years experience on the forehead of the kitchen by professional instructors in the kitchen kitchen will be given in one-to-one personal areas.

Trainings, personal care, occupational health and safety, haccp, health information, chopping forms, basic sauces, meat dishes, seafood, poultry, game animals, international cuisine, milk desserts, pastries, presentation forms, service forms, product presentation , device introduction training will continue as theoretical and applied.

The rules and tricks required in our industrial kitchen workshop will be taught. Also Chef Chef Blue Fethiye Professional Chefs. It will be supported by the chefs who are experts in their fields and will be given professional training.

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  • Time: 3 Week
  • Total: 96 Hour
  • Certificate: Meb
  • Category: Kitchen
  • Course Price:

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Cooking Basic Training